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Observing 746

Here’s a photo from last week’s 746 Observance in my backyard. Missing from the picture are the patient husband, two big dogs, and two very quiet teen-aged boys who got swept up in the positive energy of the day. Here … Continue reading

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An Important Resource for Quilters

It’s been awhile since I posted. Not for bad reasons, it’s just been a busy year, and it gets awkward to just pop up again and carry on, even though I want to…apologies, and here we go: I want to … Continue reading

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And now, for something completely different….well, sort of…

I’m proud to say that I’m a dues-paying, card-carrying, member of a quilt guild, again. My nice, new, East Bay Heritage Quilters guild membership card recently dropped into my lonely mailbox. It replaces the old card in a plastic tag … Continue reading

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Fabric Therapy

I’ll try to be brief, but I want to discuss my deeply held belief that quilting is one of the very best forms of therapy. I’m reminded of this because I was at the Store on Tuesday and watched a … Continue reading

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New Beginnings; New Pieces

We had a meeting this morning at New Pieces Quilt Shop (hereafter “The Store”) and broke a virtual bottle of champagne over the new New Pieces blog. Cyn Long walked us through the process, and despite some technical and other … Continue reading

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