New Year’s Comes, and Goes Well

I won’t go as far as resolving to write here more often, or to do any particular thing, but I will resolve to try a little harder. I hibernated early this year – thanks to the Camp Fire and air quality way beyond the comfort zone for a part-time breather. For two weeks I could see my sewing space out back of the house, but stayed in the HEPA filtered house, and concentrated on staying healthy. In my defense, 3 days in the squirrels and birds completely disappeared from the backyard, too. Dax the dog was pretty freaked out. Some folks posted on Facebook with pictures of squirrels stretched out on railings and decks, waiting for the situation to improve. I can’t imagine what it was like to be any closer to the fires than we were (100+ miles).

img_1460The squirrel (and we) knew the smoke would finally go away, and it did, suddenly, the day it poured rain — the Air Quality Index dropped from unsafe to good within a few hours.

Of course, that was also the beginning of the rainy season, and the Holiday Season… no time for hibernation, and little time for sewing.  We’re done being sick now. Bo’s officially back to school, and things are back to what we laughingly call normal.

After the rainy days we sometimes get a sunset. Today was 746, and tomorrow is a sewing day, I hope!

Time to get back to work, and maybe even make up some of that lost (hibernation) time!

Happy New Year to All. Best wishes and good luck this year!




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I'm happiest making things.
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