Snapshot From an Earlier 746 Observance

This month’s 746 will be on a Saturday, after two months of Wednesday observance. Traditionally, 746 happens from 4-6:00pm on the 7th of the month, as suggested by one of the founding members of the movement,  sometime…possibly April… in, 2014…  as an ironic nod to the “420” movement. For the record, my laid-back, vague grasp of these facts owes nothing to the 420 movement. I just don’t tend to take notes regarding things, no matter how important they may someday be. I promise I’ll do the research before our membership breaks 10,000 members.

746 is the Dewey Decimal prefix for Textile Arts.

The mission of the 746 movement is to encourage the acknowledgement and celebration of textile arts of all kinds, in as informal a fashion as possible. The movement currently includes 50-60 members, dispersed over 2-3 continents and many more time zones — who have promised to TRY to spend 746 celebrating textile arts in some fashion. We welcome makers and artists, experts and novices, as well as fans and patrons.

Not only are all forms of textile arts included, but there is a specific loophole specifying that one can choose an alternate date or time-zone for 746 if 4-6:00pm local time on the 7th of the month is inconvenient. We aim to be convenient, for anyone who wants to be supportive!

Thus far the only 746 get togethers have been held in my California backyard, but anyone can have one, anywhere. Invite your like-minded friends and share your stuff! Have fun and be supportive!  Because the date is constant, the day of the week changes, which (in theory) means most folks can make the gathering, at least sometimes, no matter what their usual schedules. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works.

If the movement catches on, we may have to issue membership cards or make up a secret handshake, to let folks know they belong to something important – but it will never be the case that membership or participation excludes anyone but mean people or the non-supportive. That just wouldn’t be very 746.



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