Autumn and Entropy

It’s been a long and unproductive few weeks (creatively) and I’m trying to accept that’s okay. I did meet a couple of deadlines because I had to, but otherwise seemed to go almost dormant after Labor Day.

The fires in the North Bay (50+ miles away!) exacerbated my tendency to huddle since the house was less smoky than the shed… and breathing seemed much better when I didn’t try to do anything else. In addition we’ve been ferring a lot of previously deferred maintenance projects, with the goal of being safe and productive, soon. Temporary Inconvenience, Long Lasting Improvement, as the signs on the Jersey Turnpike probably STILL say, decades later.

Everything below is from the Summer, but now it’s Fall. Not yet cozy, but not sunny and airy any more. Maybe productivity will return with the shorter, cooler, days, or the time change, or something else. I know it will come back at some point, and that’s comforting enough.

More on these project soon. The bottom left is the most confusing — the pins and tags are to keep track of the fabrics for a “Sudoku”, that’s actually on the back of a throw quilt I made (finished!) for my sister, for reading in the cozy times to come.

Trying to take the long view…. For now its enough to deal with other priorities, safe in the knowledge that dormant’s not dead, its deciduous.

Happy October.


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I'm happiest making things.
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