Abundance, Grace and a long time since the last Post…

While part of me wants to apologize for failing to post in such a long time, I’ve decided to celebrate instead — I want to celebrate the huge amounts of life and creativity and mess and kindness and confusion that I have witnessed over the past few months.

I am the willing recipient of abundance in life — perhaps even an over-abundance! We have had so much rain this Winter…leading now to so much green Spring growth and such healthy “weeds”.  I’ve gratefully received an abundance of love from family and friends (including a ridiculously enthusiastic new puppy dog, and the boy he owns). I’m not sewing enough, but I am sewing and intend to continue for the foreseeable future…  I am humbled, and filled with an abundance of gratitude for my blessings and the bounty I see everywhere around me. I hope I’ve given as well as I’ve been getting.

This is not to overlook the difficulties of life. Our days here are full of stress and busyness and mud and occasional illness — and, there are giant dust bunnies  multiplying all over my house… But, in an Internet based world where bad acts and rumors can be broadcast and debated in real time, all the time — it seems vital to stay attached to the presence of good, so much good in the world if you see it. Look for it! Bad stuff happens, all we really get to choose is how we deal with it. Good stuff, on the other hand, is always within our ability to create.

So. I’ve been busy — no apologies, but I’ll try to do better.


Update:  The day I wrote this draft I also got news concerning the evident mortality of someone I love (a health issue). It’s not my place to identify the person or the concern, but to appreciate as always the importance of seeing and making as much good as we can, in the time we have — and honoring the good already around us. Shit happens, but plants grow in soil composted with manure….



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I'm happiest making things.
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