Observing 746

Here’s a photo from last week’s 746 Observance in my backyard. Missing from the picture are the patient husband, two big dogs, and two very quiet teen-aged boys who got swept up in the positive energy of the day.


Here is another candid of part of the group, including the husband and at least one of the dogs. Teen-aged boys still well hidden.


746 is a (small) international movement of support and encouragement for textile arts and would be textile artists, who make a loose commitment to do, discuss or at least think about textile arts of some sort, between the hours of 4-6:00 local time on the 7th of each month.

If that time or date is inconvenient, members “can reschedule, its more than alright” [see “GALAVANT!” S.2, E.9]. Many members  belong to a closed Facebook group, that also serves as an excellent place for “show & tell” and to share hints and encouragement.  For some of us its a little like crowd-sourcing a mom, and proudly, shyly, posting our artwork on her virtual fridge.

746 Observances for August, 2016, will be held on Sunday (the 7th), from 4:00-6:00 (am or pm) local time, wherever you are. Enjoy!




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