Feeding Matters Logo – just for fun!

 My daughter now works for an organization in Scottsdale, AZ, called “Feeding Matters” —  a group dedicated to resolving the kind of pediatric feeding issues that can influence or even control entire families in which one, or more, child is effected.  I’m delighted that she’s found them, and that they feel lucky to have her. 

 Now. Having said that, I confess that for all the months she’s been with Feeding Matters, I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate their logo, a simple design of overlapping circles representing the various “pillars” of the Feeding Matters mission (education, advocacy, research, treatment and – in the middle – support).

So I took a shot at it.




All of the circles are done with a freezer-paper, inset method I first read about in Dale Fleming’s book, Pieced Curves, So Simple.  I have found the method many other places since, and mentioned it previously in my Circle Quilts post, here on SewBerkeley.

Ironically — perhaps true to form, I bound the piece before finishing the echo quilting, and learned lessons (translates to: made mistakes) on the binding, from machine issues with quilting which appeared and disappeared at random, and remembered why one doesn’t iron echo-quilting. The pancake flatness is not an asset.

The pictures are not a full tutorial, which I’ll do someday, but they give you an idea of the problem I set out to solve… and mostly did. I’ll also add a “finished” photo before putting it in the mail to Kate, this week, to hang in her cube-ical.


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