Prayer Flags – to be continued for a long, long time…

I’m Spring cleaning this week (yes, it’s October). I’ve been turning up interesting things. These aren’t done – some of them aren’t even started, but I love the idea that they’re in process. Seen and unseen. Some things exist in our minds and hearts, before and after we see them.

I’ve had these two baby-banners on the front of a file-cabinet. Since early this Summer; made about/for a friend living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Don’t know if they were ever finished, since their purpose was process and meditation…


Today I found the pile in which I’d put the raw materials, and pulled it out again. My sweet friend has been “gone” since July, but in a very real sense the purpose of the prayer flags is unchanged. The original flags started as words or phrases written in pencil. These are the next two in process. Both have a ways to go.  I will add others another time.



There’s lots written about Prayer Flags these days. Quilting Arts magazine put together a bunch of articles for one of their e-Books on the Quilting Daily blog. The articles are probably available individually as well. The e-Book collection could not have been more than a few dollars, because I bought it.



The Prayer Flag Project has been around for several years, now – with people participating around the World. Truly inspiring. I found it by Googling, of course. I haven’t signed up for it, yet.  If you get the chance, I urge you to look around, too, to get inspired and try some flags.

IMG_1197The idea is to hang them on ribbons and strings, outside your home, and then let them fade and wear away….fading in the sunlight, and carrying your thoughts and prayers away on the breeze. Perhaps that is truly grace. Hmmmmm…. gotta go work on that some more. Back soon!



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