Doodle Dandy App!

Awhile back I came across a free app that lets you draw patterns on your iPad (or iPhone, though the screen’s a bit small), using varied colors, brush-widths and symmetries. There are settings to control transparency and to erase one stroke at a time, or the whole doodle. The process reminds me of Spirograph on steroids.

Waiting at the DMV has never been so much fun! I saved these doodles by taking a screenshot, and will think of something to do with some of them, someday…. If I find the magazine article that mentioned Doodle Dandy I will add a citation right here, promise. It was about making snowflake motifs…I think… [edited to add: by Susie Monday, in Quilting Arts Gifts, Holiday 2013-2014. The name of the article is “I-Pad Designed Stars and Snowflakes”]

Be careful…it can be a bit addictive.

IMG_1130I should warn you that I found another app this week, called iOrnament, that could also come to be problematic, but — it costs $1.99. (I splurged).





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