Jelly Roll Baby Quilt

For Christmas I got a “jelly roll” of Kona Solids in “the 20 most popular colors”. Having never played with pre-cut strips before, I’d suggest them as a guilty pleasure for more quilters!  Using pre-cuts is indeed a bit like baking with a cake mix… but… sometimes you just want the cake, or to decorate the cake.  You don’t always need the experience of selecting and measuring every single ingredient to make something special.



…This is the free pattern that was included with the roll. I liked the idea but never even intended to follow the pattern.


…Formyquilt I swapped out a couple of colors, made up a couple of rules to follow to make the set less random, and instead of making that quilt at all, I’m making 2 baby quilts like this:


IMG_0649Now that I think of it, I’m not good at following recipes, either. I have an incredible chocolate cake recipe from my mother-in-law that I call “Mistake Cake”, because I’ve never made it without having to substitute for something, or finding out later I left something out. So far it’s always turned out delicious.



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