Circle Quilts…

So, the circle adventure started as a plan to make a raffle quilt, with a couple of other moms, for my son’s elementary school. Spoiler Alert. The finished quilt is below, and was even prettier than the picture shows. Finished size about 45″ x 60″ish.

The circles are not appliqued, but set in to the squares, using a simple process seen many places on the Internet (Google “set-in circles” or “freezer-paper circles”). The first place I encountered the method was Dale Fleming’s “6-Minute Circles”. I never did one in less than 8 minutes, myself. Really simple!

IMG_0100The next quilt was made later, from circles made for practice first. It’s a similar size and both quilts were quilted by Kathy Ritter at New Pieces Quilt Store in Berkeley. I liked them both, for different reasons. This one was just in the EBHQ quilt show at Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA. You might not have noticed it, among the hundreds of amazing quilts. Neither photo is very good. Both quilts are slightly luminous…

IMG_1778The last picture is equally poor (I will do better, promise!) but the quilt is nice. The borders are the same on all four sides… just don’t look that way in the photo.  It’s a wall-hanging sized piece, with an attic window lattice and nice calm batiks. Its got a organic feel, like fossils or something.  It was made as a class sample for a class at New Pieces, and quilted there by Sharona Fischrup.



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